Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Funny motorcycle racing World That will Make You Laugh

A private driver a family has a unique habit. He often having sex with his girlfriend is the maid, the maid Nunung under the car sexy mistress who always parked next to the house. One night as usual he was engrossed indehoy with the maid under the car. The new 15-minute her voluntary work, there are people who kicked his feet screaming.

Mistress: "Bagong, what are you there?"

Bagong: (With a cool and eyes still closed) "Average betulin his car"

Mrs: (While kicking Bagong) "What? What are you doing!"

Bagong: "My goodness, His! I again betulin car! "

Mrs: (Again, kicking his legs Bagong, this time a little louder) "You told me again you doing?"

Bagong: "Jeez lady! I again betulin car !! "

Mistress: "Betulin a car where? People already taken his car ama father 5 minutes ago !! "

Bagong: ".. ??"

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