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Funny fights in the Arena Circuit rider LucubuX

Barcelona - MotoGP rider Marc Márquez reportedly involved in physical fights with two Italian journalists in the garage of his home, the cause is suspected because of uninvited guests tried to embarrass him on a television show.

According to local media, the incident occurred on Friday (30/10) yesterday when Márquez had just arrived home after a day of training trail bike with a younger brother and his father.

Both the driver approached the journalist mentioned by way of harassing, trying to interview him with brute force.

When Marquez refused to answer, the journalist was opening a bottle of cava (wine typical of Spain) by way of celebration as the podium in the race, and also give the trophy in the form of the male genital.

When Marquez and his father approached the journalists and asked them to go out of the house, the driver reportedly attacked on the arms and neck.

According to Marca, the attackers diidentitikasi as Stefano Corti, Alessando Onnis and a cameraman, who worked for an Italian television show entitled "Le lene" or "The Hyenas."

This incident adds to the heat konstroversi in MotoGP after Marquez was involved a collision with Italian rider Valentino Rossi in Malaysia last week, so that the opponent punished rearmost start the final series in Valencia next week.

This case has angered Italian public for the chance to become world champion Rossi is threatened. Rossi currently leads the standings with just a seven-point lead over the Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo.
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